Ilyasah Shabazz Disappointed Lifetime Movie Depicted Her Mother As Weak

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Ilya ShabbazzThe Lifetime Movie Network has been known for making sappy chick flicks that tug at the heartstrings and get the tears flowing. This is not so for one of their latest movies, Betty and Coretta. It was a biographical film that showed the friendship of the widows of Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.
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The movie however, according to Malcolm X’s daughter, was more fiction than fact and her mother was not portrayed correctly.

The movie featured a great cast including Angela Bassett, Mary J Blige, and Ruby Dee. Ilyasah Shabazz, who is the daughter of Betty Shabazz and Malcolm X stated that while the actresses did a good job, the movie did not accurately show who her mother was. She said the film showed her mother as a weak woman who was insecure. Ilyasah says that her mother was compassionate, strong, beautiful, and loving.

Betty Shabazz has had sororities named after her because she was an influential person in the Civil Rights movement and was a great inspiration for young women everywhere. Ilyasah says that in the movie, even the wardrobe was wrong and that her mother did not dress as they showed.

While criticizing the movie, Ilyasah said that she was not trying to come down on the television network, but she was disappointed that more fact checking was not done and not enough was done to ensure this was an accurate portrayal of her mother. She believes that Dr. King’s children will not be happy either, with the portrayal of their mother.

You would think that when putting a biographical movie together, the network would have wanted to speak to family members to get a sense for the character so they could accurately portray them, but this was not the case.