Hair Salon Host “Big Chop” Party to Cut Off Permed Hair

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Formula Salon in Richmond, VA, hosted an event called The Big Chop Party, which cut off black womens' chemically treated hair.


Natural hair is a trend that has been on the rise in the Black community for the past few years. Many people cite the easier maintenance or wanting to form a stronger connection with their African heritage. The style has especially taken a considerable hold with Black women.

I feel free. I feel grown and free like a real woman. I feel good,” said Shalamar McKelvin, a natural hair converter. Many recent documentaries such as “Good Hair” featuring Chris Rock explore the world behind the scenes of glamorous hair shows and trips to the hair salon. Black women are starting to step away from the chemicals, flat irons, wigs and weaves that have been staples to them for years.

One particular shop ,Formula Salon, in Richmond, VA recently hosted an event called The Big Chop Party. During the event women came in to the shop to have their permed and chemically treated hair cut off so that they can start over and grow their hair naturally. “It’s so many stereotypes that make it seem like in order to be beautiful you have to have long straight hair, but it’s not that. You can be beautiful with any type of hair and it’s all in your personality,” said Louise Pontonporo, an event participant.

I’m glad to see that women have been rejecting the damaging chemicals and processes, I myself have chosen to do a natural hairstyle, dreads, and I have been pleased with them a feel a deeper connection with my roots.

What is your opinion on the natural hair movement?

Malcolm Morrow, a Your Black World Network contributor, is a senior, criminal justice major at The University of Southern Miss.