Group Helps Black Girls Confront Bullying: Most Adults Aren’t Taking Them Seriously

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Bullying can be a serious problem for all children, especially those in the African American community.  We want to think that little girls are “sugar and spice” all the time, but sometimes, they can be brutal toward one another.
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The proliferation of television shows like “Basketball Wives” has only worsened the bullying problem and made it unbearable for some children to even go to school.

Empowerment Resources Inc has established a program called “Journey Into WomanHood,” that confronts the bullying problem in school.  William Jackson provides an interactive presentation to discuss bullying, harassment and other issues that kids might face in life and in the classroom.  Mr. Jackson, a presenter on Social Media, Internet Safety, Youth and Technology, and Guest Host on BlogTalkRadio “Courageous Conversations Ask A Teacher,” designed an interactive presentation called, “I Will Survive Bullying” focusing on self esteem, bullying prevention, nonviolent strategies, empathy, local laws and self confidence when dealing with bullying and other forms of harassment.

His latest presentation was attended by 20 young women from elementary to high school.  All of the young girls had been victims of bullying for various reasons, including their hair, their clothes and some even because of skin color.   The workshop allowed women to talk about the problems they were facing and how they could deal with them.  They also discussed more recent challenges, such as cyberstalking and cyberbullying.

According to the website,, 77% of all kids experience some kind of bullying.   The numbers are even higher for African American children, who often interact with children from environments that are not always entirely stable.  This dysfunction can breed tremendous violence, leading to very serious outcomes, such as the murder of Hadiya Pendleton of Chicago.

According to Jackson:

“Studies of bullying by various organizations found that students threaten repeatedly suffer from various forms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that is commonly associated with combat veterans. Several students in high school openly stated that teachers have disregarded their reporting of bullying that students receive in schools and are fearful of violence because ‘no one takes it serious at my school’ says one high school young lady. They do not  want to be labeled as ‘snitches.'”