County Error Costs Man 25 Years of Child Support for Deceased Son

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Lional Campbell lost his son 25 years ago, but due to a mistake in the Wayne County records in Detroit, the son-less father has been paying thousands of dollars in child support since his son's death.

Lional Campbell

To lose a child is already a heartbreaking experience that every parent fears, but to lose a child and still be financially responsible for it for 25 years after its death is unfathomable. Lional Campbell has been paying thousands of dollars in child support for his deceased son who passed away in 1988 from acute meningitis.

Campbell had another son by his deceased son’s mother and assumed his child support payments were being made to pay back child support for his other son who is now 34 years old. Campbell challenged Wayne County in Detroit when he noticed he was still paying thousands of dollars each month for back child support. He made the discovery that he was paying for his deceased son and notified the county. The county acknowledged its error and said no one had ever notified them that the child was deceased. “When I went there, the court said, ‘You’re right. You shouldn’t be paying no money,'” Campbell told a local news station. “I said, ‘Well that’s what they got me doing.'”

Instead of ceasing Campbell’s payments for his deceased son, the county told him that he still owes $43,000 for the deceased child because of surcharges. Further audits reduced the surcharges to $6,460.08. Campbell is disputing the county’s surcharges and is requesting another audit.

What do you believe will be the end result of this matter?