10 Things We Learned from Beyoncé’s Documentary

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Beyonce's "Life Is But a Dream" documentary revealed some shocking revelations about her relationship with her father and her husband, amongst other things.


If you are like the presumed millions of other viewers of Beyoncé’s Life Is But a Dream documentary, you were shocked to learn a few things about the tight-lipped superstar. Of course the singer’s miscarriage was discussed, which was an incredibly touching part of the film.

Viewers were also given an opportunity to see the singer briefly interact with her daughter (now 13 months), Blue Ivy Carter, whose face has practically been hidden since the singer gave birth to her. The documentary dives deep into the singer’s vulnerabilities as a daughter, wife, and mother. She admits that she struggles with deciding what she wants to show the public.

Below are 10 of the most shocking things we learned from Life Is But a Dream.



1. Beyoncé and her father (Matthew Knowles) are estranged. 

Although the singer acknowledges her father as the man who created her unwavering drive and determination, she also reveals their relationship has taken a hit since she decided to manage herself. The singer says she wanted to create a boundary between she and her father and have him in her life as a father as opposed to a business colleague. Unfortunately, her plan didn’t work and she and her father still have what she defines as a “fragile” relationship to date.

2. Beyoncé did not hire a surrogate. 

Appearing visibly upset, the singer discusses the rampant rumors about she and husband Jay-Z hiring a surrogate to birth Blue Ivy Carter. She shows intimate video footage and images of herself during her pregnancy that irrefutably reveal that she gave birth to her daughter.

3. Beyoncé is sensitive. 

Making herself relatable to the general public, the singer reveals that she is very sensitive and is sometimes hurt by some of the things she reads/hears about herself in the media. She even describes people as “brainwashed” by the imagery they see of celebrities and says her personal life is no one’s business. She continues to say that the only thing artists such as Nina Simone had to care about was creating good music, not discussing personal matters about their private lives.

4. Beyoncé loves her husband, immensely. 

The singer shares very touching moments with her husband to viewers. At one point, there’s a short video clip of herself at what appears to be a surprise birthday party for her husband. In the clip, she’s telling him how much she loves him and saying that he has done so much that she could never repay him. The singer also says that she never knew she could love another human being as much as she loves him and that having their daughter has made her love him even more. Although her father managed the bulk of her career, she credits Jay-Z for teaching her how to be a business woman and reveres him as her best friend.

5. Beyoncé values talking to women. 

The singer says that although she loves her husband, she truly values having a conversation with a woman that understands her. She admits that it upsets her that women are paid less than men in the workforce and she discusses how women have a much harder time in the workforce. She uses the example of her Billboard Music Awards performance and how she was still expected to pull off a great show, despite dealing with the inconveniences of pregnancy (e.g. nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc.). during the rehearsal.

6. Beyoncé still believes in God. 

Although rumors of she and her husband being members of a secret, demonic society surfaced over the past few years, the singer seems to still be very in touch with her relationship with God. She says that love is God. It’s a feeling she gets when she’s with her daughter and her husband. During a video clip filmed by Jay-Z on board a yacht on a beautiful sunny day, the singer thanks God for allowing she and her husband to share a beautiful moment together.

7. Beyoncé credits motherhood to slowing her down. 

Because of her tenacious drive and persistence, the singer admits that she feels awkward when she’s not busy. She believes that God allowed her to birth Blue Ivy to slow her down and help her pace herself and truly enjoy life.

8. Beyoncé uses profanity. 

Many people revere the superstar as a prim and proper woman incapable of using profanity. In Life Is But a Dream, the singer uses the word “shít” on numerous occasions. At one point, she tells the camera that she is “sensitive about my shít” following a listening session of her album with executives at Colombia Records.

9. Beyoncé puts on a tough persona when doing business. 

Although the singer is kind by nature, she realizes there isn’t politeness in business. In the film you can see a visibly annoyed Beyoncé challenging the production staff about logistics of a show hours before it starts. The singer said she has to put on a tough persona in business if she wants to maintain her success. She also said that she has learned that you can be polite and firm in your demands regarding business.

10. Beyoncé recorded the saddest song she has ever written following her miscarriage.

Although the singer doesn’t provide the title of the song she wrote and recorded following her miscarriage, she says it was the saddest song she’d ever written. In the song, she says love was not enough to keep the unborn child from death and she’d give anything to hear its heartbeat again. The singer said just a week prior to losing the child, she heard its heartbeat and everything was ok.

What did you learn from the documentary?

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