Reelationship Guide: 5 Ways to Know that Your Ex Might Want You Back

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Most of us have had the experience of losing the person we love and then having that person popping back up on our doorstep.  Timing is everything in love, and sometimes, the first time wasn’t the right time.  The Reelationship Guide has offered five ways to know that your ex might want you back.  The list is interesting and might help you to know if the person is serious and whether or not you could be walking right into a trap.  Here’s how you might be able to know if your ex is trying to get back in your good graces:

1) They call you first:  The person initiating the contact usually has a reason for doing so.  Maybe he or she is bored, or things aren’t working out on their end.  Regardless, they now see you as someone they want to speak with, when they didn’t feel that way a month ago.

2) They want to stay on the phone with you forever:  If someone rushes off the phone, they’ve got other things to do.  If they stay on the phone, they are trying to do YOU.

3) They explain how they’ve changed:  If there was a reason things didn’t work out the first time, they might be tempted to explain why things will be different this time around.  If the person was abusive, they might tell you how they’ve found Jesus, went back to school or are now in rehab.  Usually, none of this matters, since the core of a person’s soul doesn’t usually change that much over time.

4) They want to see you in person and physically touch you:  If a person wants to be with you again, talking on the phone won’t be enough. Eventually, they will want to see and touch you.  Don’t do it unless you are sure that you might want to be with them as well, and expect that this situation is going to be different.

5) They start asking a lot of questions to find out if you’re dating someone else:  Most people don’t want to end up barking up the wrong tree.  Asking questions is a good way to find out if there is someone else in the picture.

We can’t tell you if you should get back with your ex or not.  It’s up to you.  But at least knowing what you’re getting yourself into can be a good way to avoid disaster.