New Apple iPhone 5 Ad Featuring The Williams Sisters

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26williams1-articlelargeVenus-and-Serena_iPhone5 The Williams sisters are the subject of the latest Apple iPhone 5 ping pong inspired ad.  The sisters are looking quite fabulous as part of a dream sequence meant to advertise the phone’s unique “Do Not Disturb” option that allows you to choose who you want to receive alerts from.

The 30-second ad is titled, “Dream,” and epitomizes every man’s favorite bedtime fantasy. The tennis-playing sisters are dressed in all white as they take on a faceless man in a ping pong match, running through his mind all night.

The choice to highlight the sisters is an obvious one, as Serena recently won the Brisbane International  and their many US Open wins.

Congrats to the sisters. I hope they are laughing all the way to the bank!