Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Gown: Who’s The Designer?

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Ayvaunn Penn, Naturally Moi

National obsession round two! Four years ago, style experts across America were going crazy trying to pin point who would have the honors of designing First Lady Michelle Obama’s inaugural gown. Come 2013, it’s the same story. But, who gets tired of a good conversation? Let the speculation begin.

Let us start by re-evaluating Lady O’s choices of the past. In 2008, she went with not an established designer but a rising designer by the name of Jason Wu — a Taipei native who was 26 years of age at the time. Hence, it makes sense to presume that this swatch of history — using an up and coming designer — will repeat itself. After all, the first lady continues to this very day to use the fresh faces of fashion to whip up her apparel tastes. In fact, sources say she has been sporting an abundance of attire dreamed up by Prabal Gurung. His evening gowns are lauded by Tracey Lomrantz Lester, Glamour magazine’s fashion editor, to be “brilliantly designed and utterly unique.” Branching out from Gurung, however, our fashion-forward first lady was recently dawned in two dresses by Laura Smalls. According to the information made available so far, it looks like Wu, Gurung, or Smalls are feasible designers for Lady O to choose from. Until the big night, I suppose we shall all remain on thimbles and pin cushions.  Designers aside, one thing the world can probably bet on is Michelle Obama wearing a gown that will boast her fabulously toned arms.



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