Michael Jackson’s Former Assistant Demands Payment

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amir It seems like everyone these days wants a piece of the Michael Jackson estate. All it took was one person winning a settlement and now everyone that ever worked with the “King of Pop”, wants their share. Michael Jackson’s former assistant, Michael Amir Williams, has filed a creditor’s claim, saying that he is still owed $28,569.83, and demanding that the estate pay for it.

Williams claims that he covered Jackson’s bills which included an $11K power bill, a $13K vehicle lease, and $1K in phone bills. Previously, Williams filed a class action lawsuit against AEG, the company responsible for the This Is It tour. In the lawsuit, Williams claimed that AEG negligently hired Dr. Conrad Murray for the tour.

AEG called Williams’ accusations frivolous. Former Playboy model and Thriller love interest, Ola Ray just settled with the estate for $55,000. Thriller director, John Landis, also settled. He was asking for $2million or more.

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