Meagan Good On Her Eyebrows: ‘I Tattooed Them Two Years Ago’

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Newlywed Meagan Good stopped by Wendy Williams' show to discuss her leading role in the new "Deception" series, marriage, having children, her tattooed eyebrows and more.


Actress Meagan Good dropped by Wendy Williams’ show to discuss her marriage, awkward love scenes with her husband’s best friend (Laz Alonso) in her leading role for “Deception,” tattooing her eyebrows and more.

Many people were confused as to whether or not Meagan’s eyebrows were drawn on or permanent, so when she finally confirmed that they are tattooed on, many people questioned why she’d do something like that. Read excerpts from her interview with Williams below:

On tattooing her eyebrows:
I tattoo’d them 2 years ago. The area I grew up in, there were a lot of spanish girls. And they used to shave their eyebrows off to draw them on. When I started doing that, they didn’t grow back. So I had to tattoo them on.

On awkward love scenes with Laz Alonso:

I auditioned once and got the part. The second time I went in, I didn’t realize it was the actual testing.  This is my third project with Laz Alonso.  My  husband is really good friends with Laz so [the love scenes] are kind of weird because it’s like kissing your brother. There’s a mutual respect between both of them though.

On meeting her husband:

DeVon is a preacher but he doesn’t have a ‘congregation’. He does speaking engagements. We met 6 years before on a christian film and he called me into his office and told me if I needed anything to definitely let him know.  Then we met again when he exec. produced Jumping The Broom.  And here we are.