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Mariah’s Ex Claims To Be The Reason For Her Success

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Ayvaunn Penn, Naturally Moi

We all have that one ex who believes they were our everything. For famed songstress Mariah Carey, it is Tommy Mottola, her first husband. In his new soon-to-be released memoir entitled Hitmaker, he says, “If it seemed like I was controlling, I apologize…Was I obsessive? Yes. But that was also part of the reason for her success.”

Carey counters these claims in an interview saying that her four-year marriage to this man twenty years her senior was a “private hell. ” She adds, “I came to him with the voice that I have. I came to him with the songs that went on to be Number One records.” Lastly, she did not neglect to leave out that Mottola was a “controlling man” who “mentally and emotionally” abused her for the duration of their union.

Seemingly in an effort to defend himself against criticisms saying he was too forceful or even abusive towards his ex-wife, Mottola tries to curb allegations of abuse towards simple concern for her career — that he did not want her to get too comfortable and wanted to push her towards success.  Specifically, he states in his book, “My feeling was that there’d be plenty of time for Mariah to celebrate just a little ways down the road. I’m not talking 10 years, just a few.” Almost as if he had a sixth sense that ex-wife Carey would take offense to his words concerning her success, he proceeds to share in his book that he fully realized Carey’s unparalleled talent. He writes, “An unbelievable energy was running though me, screaming, ‘Turn the car around! (after he heard her first demo) That may be the best voice you’ve ever heard in your life.” Mottola’s memoir, Hitmaker, will be available to the public on January 15th.


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