Man Tries to Force Engagement Ring Down Fiance’s Throat

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A man in Orlando has been arrested for trying to do something to the woman he allegedly loved that would make most of us shudder.  Faron Thompson is being accused of trying to get his fiance to swallow an engagement ring when she didn’t agree to tie the knot with him.  The 29-year old man is being accused of battery via strangulation and child neglect.

Police say that the man drove his girlfriend to Walmart as they were arguing.  She was moving out of his house and left the ring on the kitchen counter.   According to police, when the woman tried to retrieve the ring, the man then tried to shoving it down her throat.

In addition to trying to shove the ring down her throat, the woman says that her man threatened to burn her house down and pushed her against the wall while she was holding her child.

When he was caught, the man said, “women always claim assault, but never accept responsibility for provoking someone,” according to deputies.