Keeping Warm And Stylish This Seasons- 5 Must Haves!

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No matter where you live we have all visited some zip codes that are downright nasty cold. It takes major effort to maintain a warm body temp and look great too. Let’s face it; it can be pretty hard not to look like that kid from A Christmas Story on really cold days. So how do you survive the elements while maintaining some style? These 5 fashionable winter clothing must-haves will get the job done.

1. Channel your inner Russian beauty with a Russian-style hat that will make you feel glamorous and as warm as if you were on the beach.

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2. Warm boots are a must. The longer the better because they’ll keep your calves warm too. You can bring a great pair of pumps if you desire to change.

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3. Obviously you need a coat. So skip the cutesy short jackets, they’re not helping your tush keep warm. Opt for puffer jackets with hoods because when the winds get a blowin’ you want an added shield over your Russian hat. A long lined wool coat would go a long way to maintaining an overall toasty body temp.

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4. Cover your fingers with warm gloves that keep you active. Smart phone tips gloves is a plus!

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5. Really survive the cold with long underwear or spanx–and without adding bulk!

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