Hear that Beyonce? Cissy Houston Reminds Us that Whitney DID NOT Lip Sync the National Anthem

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Cissy Houston, the mother of Whitney Houston, has been out on the road seeking to restore her daughter’s memory.  She seems to want everyone to know that there was more to Whitney than her drug addiction, that she was a good person and that she was also a tremendous talent.

This week, Cissy brought up the issue of lip syncing, which has been on the mind of Beyonce Knowles after it was discovered that she was lip syncing while singing at President Obama’s inauguration.   Making some think that she was seeking to one-up Beyonce, Cissy made it plain that her daughter was sure not to lip sync when she gave her amazing rendition of the national anthem back in 1991.  It was over 20 years ago, but people still remember it today.

“Everybody lip syncs. She [Whitney] didn’t want to do it because she can’t lip sync … neither can I. She said, ‘I want to sing it,’ and she sang it,” said Cissy.

Whitney Houston died from a drug overdose  at the age of 48.  There’s no telling how many great things she might have done had she not met her death so early.  The new memoir is called “Remembering Whitney.”