Erika Morant: Best Funeral Ever Might Be the Worst Tribute Ever for a Loved One

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 by Erika Morant

I’m sure that everyone wants to be memorialized for who he or she truly was at heart during his or her home-going services. However, after watching an episode of The Best Funeral Ever,  a new series on TLC, I believe that there is such a thing as an over the top tribute. True, I have heard of funerals with metallic caskets and horse drawn carriages for the average Joe, but to lay in state in a pit-smoker casket during a BBQ themed funeral appears to be a down right mockery of the dearly departed’s life.

The show which documents funerals executed by Texas based, Golden Gate Funeral Home, shows the most lavish if not ridiculous affairs; it in essence may lead one to ask “Are these people serious?” The depictions were extreme, from a mourner’s coaching class to the funeral attendees paying homage to the deceased by consuming ribs which were dipped in BBQ sauce overflowing from a punch fountain. Where does one draw the line?

As I have witnessed the preparation of several family member’s funerals, I must say that it has never once crossed my mind that my loved one’s would be dressed in costume or be celebrated by liturgical dancers, prancing about with racks of ribs. Is the celebration of life and one’s legacy sacred anymore? How would you like to be remembered?