Elie Saab- Not Just Another Fashion Designer

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I am would like to spotlight, my FAVORITE and one of the most talented designers, Elie Saab. Many of you might remember Ellie’s designs for the dress worn by Halley Barry for her 2002 Oscar win. Elie has an ability for creating, soft and feminine looks collection after collection. Born in 1964 in Lebanon.  He posses a natural-born God given talent, so much so that at the age of 9 he was already making dresses for his sisters. Later on he started selling his creations to the women in his neighborhood. The self-taught designer opened his couture atelier in Beirut and started managing over a dozen employees when he was only 18. His very first collection attracted women from high society and they all desired an Elie Saab dress. He magnifies femininity by working with fine materials and delicate embroideries with outstanding quality. His fairy tale creations are built using simple designs and precious resources. The designer’s specialty is the ultimate couture dress that highlights a woman’s silhouette.

For me, Ellie transcends to a whole other level when it comes to design. I salute Elie Saab my FAVORITE designer.


Elie Saab Backstage #11





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