Denzel Washington’s Daughter Almost Mistaken For His Wife At Golden Globes

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oliviaDenzel Washington stepped out to the Golden Globes with a very special date, on Sunday night. But it wasn’t his wife. The lovely lady’s resemblance to Denzel’s better half is uncanny. The special someone was his daughter, aspiring actress, Olivia Washington.

Denzel had to make it clear to E!’s ,Ryan Seacrest, that the young lady on his shoulder was not his wife but his daughter. Seacrest almost made the mistake of calling her Pauletta but was saved when Denzel immediately chimed in and said, “It’s not my wife Pauletta, it’s my daughter.”

Olivia, 22, is one of Denzel and Pauletta’s four children.  Rarely seen, in at public events with her father, she came in her mother’s stead. Good practice for this aspiring young star. The budding actress is currently studying at New York University. Denzel’s oldest daughter, Katia, can be seen in the Golden Globe winning film, Django Unchained.



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