Brandy On Growing to Love Herself: ‘I Journal A lot, I’m Honest With Myself On How I Feel’

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In a recent interview, newly engaged Brandy Norwood discusses learning to love herself and overcoming dark moments in her life.


Newly engaged singer Brandy sat down with Necole Bitchie to discuss learning how to love herself and overcoming dark moments in her life. She said learning to love herself was something that was developed over a period of time, and journaling played a role in helping her attain that self-love. Many experts have cited journaling as a therapeutic method of relieving stress and being able to sharpen your  writing skills by conveying your thoughts on pen and paper.

In addition to discussing self-love, the singer admitted that she had suicidal thoughts and was still able to think positive during that time period, although it was extremely difficult. As she prepares for a wedding and live performances following a great comeback in her career, the singer seems to be fully prepared to embrace all that life has to offer her.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

On learning to love herself:

I don’t think there was ever a moment where I was like, ‘Okay, I love myself.’ I just think over time, you realize it. For me, I really put in a lot of self-work. All I read is self-help, I journal a lot, I’m very honest with myself on how I feel. I just work hard every day to better myself, and I fall short all of the time but I like who I am right now. I really love the path that I’m on and where I’m going and of course, I still have my flaws that I need to work on, but its fun learning new things about yourself that you need to change. The greatest work of your life is growing and bettering yourself.

On overcoming dark periods in her life: 

I think the hardest thing to do is to have faith when you are at your lowest point. When you understand that your thoughts and your feelings create your reality, you sort of have no choice but to think positive in those dark times. It’s very difficult, but in my darkest moments, I tried to keep myself uplifted. Even though I’ve had suicidal thoughts, not wanting to be here, not wanting to live my life, for whatever reason at the time, I’ve had those thoughts, I tried to move myself from them by thinking something else, or reading my books or listening to my gospel music, talking to my family or praying just to keep me into a better state. When you realize that your thoughts and feelings create your life, you have to do something about it. You can’t stick to thinking negative. Negative thinking is very dangerous. That’s my truth, so I try not to get stuck into thinking like that. (Read the full interview here.)