Black and Blonde: Scientists Uncover Blonde Gene

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Black-Blonde-Hair-224x300Scientists have finally figured out how some of the dark-skinned inhabitants of the Solomon Islands have naturally blonde hair.  Researchers used to believe the blonde hair came from interaction with European people; however, a group from Stanford has detected a genetic difference in the blondes.  They swabbed the cheeks of 85 people, 43 with blonde hair, to compare their DNA to that of people with darker hair and found a chromosomal difference caused the blonde hair. The researcher identified a change in the gene TYRP1, which affects pigment in humans and mice, as the cause.

Now let’s put this into perspective—scientists are not referencing any blond found in a bottle, local salon or beauty store that is still questionable activity for black women. How do you feel about black women with (unnatural) blond hair?120503142536-large  blonde-hair-solomon-islandssolomon-islands_2210026c solomon-islands-36