Beyonce’s Father Sued by His Child’s Mother For Allegedly Threatening Her

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Attorneys for the mother of the child created by Mathew Knowles are saying that Knowles sent a threat to the woman, prompting her toward legal action.   TMZ is reporting that Alexsandra Wright is saying that a family court judge is asking that her child support be increased substantially to cover the expenses necessary for her to get security to protect their two-year old child.

Knowles is currently paying $12,000 per month, quite a hefty sum.  But what’s $12,000 when you can get $20,000?  Wright says that the child needs the security because his father sent her a “threatening” email back in September 2011.  In the email, Knowles allegedly wrote, “You hurt my family. There’s a price to pay.”

If Knowles did send out this message, he should probably realize that there is a price to pay for messing around with random women and getting them pregnant.   He created this mess for himself.

Wright is seeking funds to cover the security and also private school for the child.   Knowles says that the only reason he hasn’t been paying for the school is because they haven’t decided what school the child should attend.   Knowles is also saying that his income has dropped a great deal since his daughter Beyonce dropped him back in 2011.  So, with all the interesting women in his life, it looks like by the time this is over, they are going to be the big financial winners and he may end up in the poor house.