Alicia Keys to Sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl

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Alicia Keys is one of the most beautiful singers and faces in the country.  She will be showing off both at the next Super Bowl, along with Beyonce Knowles, who is expected to give the half time performance.  Keys, who is a Grammy Award winner, will be performing the national anthem on the big day on February 3 in front of millions of people, and it’s expected to be spectacular.

This is the third time that Keys has been asked to sing at the Super Bowl, which is a record.  She sang  “America the Beautiful” in 2005, and participated in the pregame show in 2008.  Over time, Keys is starting to become a familiar face on the big stage.

Keys turns just 32 next week, and has already had a legendary career.   Beyonce, who is doing the halftime show, is also not a first-timer at the event.  Knowles sang the national anthem at the 2004 show in her hometown of Houston.  These performances are a big step for African American performers, who haven’t had as strong of a presence in Super Bowl performances since the “wardrobe malfunction” of Janet Jackson back in 2004.

The most interesting recent performance of the national anthem was Christina Aguilera, who actually forgot the words when she sang the song in 2011.  Alicia Keys probably won’t make the same mistake, at least we hope not.