World’s Longest Nails—18 inches…Yes, Really

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Chris Walton, also known as “The Duchess” is the new Guinness World Record holder for the world’s longest nails. This is one of those things you cannot help but stare.  At least her nails are polished and clean-looking. 

It may seem gross that Walton hasn’t cut her nails in 18 years, but the Las Vegas resident has finally earned attention from the folks at Guinness World Records.

Walton, a budding singer known as The Dutchess, has been named by the authority on world records as the woman with the longest fingernails.

Walton was in New York City on Wednesday to help launch the 2012 edition of the Guinness World Records book, which goes on sale later this month.
She said her twisting and turning nails — which measure a total of 10 feet two inches on her left hand and nine feet seven inches on her right hand — rarely prevent her from performing her everyday activities.

However, she admits she has problems getting things out of her pocket, and uses her knuckles to text on her cellphone.

But Walton, who is also raising a family, does her own nails and makeup, and works around the house with few problems.

“I hate all the cleaning, but I do it. And the makeup, I only wear so much.”

The previous record holder for longest nails was Lee Redmond of Salt Lake City. Her nails measured a total of 28 feet in 2008, but the following year, she lost her nails in a car crash.

Naturally Moi congratulates Chris Walton, Guinness World Record holder.