Tom Joyner Divorced His Wife Months Ago, but Kept it a Secret from the Public

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Tom Joyner and Donna Richardson decided that their marriage was nobody’s business, and did a good job of keeping their relationship troubles secret from the public.   The two have reportedly been divorced for over six months, and the details are just now getting to the public.  The two have been married for 12 years and allegedly divorced back in May.

Speculation increased when Tom made several public appearances without his wife by his side. That’s usually when people start to wonder if there is trouble in paradise.  The New York Daily News says that the divorce was “mutual but not exactly amicable” and involved “other parties.”

Tom hasn’t had much to say about the divorce and neither has his wife.

With his first wife Dora, Tom has two sons, Thomas Jr. and Oscar, whom he calls “Killer” and “Thriller”