Tia Norfleet- NASCAR Trail Blazer

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tiabio1 Tia-Norfleet tumblr_m58ci74pDx1ql0lxlo1_1280Move over Danica Patrick, there’s a new girl in town. Tia Norfleet, 25 was recently licensed as Nascar’s first African-American female driver. She made her NASCAR racing debut in August.

A native of Suffolk, Virginia, but now lives in Augusta, Georgia where racing is not merely a hobby; it’s a way of life. As a second generation licensed NASCAR driver, Tia understands what it is to break barriers and she well knows the low odds and risks involved with being a professional racecar driver. None of this matters though.

Tia loves what she does and she’ll stop at nothing to make it. Racing is her life. Growing up the daughter of a professional racecar driver (Bobby Norfleet), Tia was introduced to the sport of auto racing at a very young age.

Female drivers are rare enough in NASCAR, but an African-American as well? It’s never been done. Tia is the first and only African American female to be licensed by NASCAR.

Go Tia!!!