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Those Who Have Kids Live Longer than Those Who Do Not

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You might think that having kids will take years from your life, but actually, it’s the opposite.  According to a new study, those who’ve failed to have kids are 2 – 4 times more likely to die young than their parents.   Prior research has shown that couples without children don’t live as long as their parents, but this study goes further to sort out those who adopted or tried other ways to have kids.

“Several previous studies have found strong associations between childlessness and psychiatric illness,” Agerbo told NBC News. “I think that our study is superior, because it is only based on people who want to have children, whereas previous research included everybody,” Agerbo said.

 Agerbo reports in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health that in the course of his study, women who did not have kids or adopt were four times more likely to die young than those in the other group.  For men, the probability of death was double.
“Mindful that association is not causation, our results suggest that the mortality rates are higher in the childless,” he said in the study.
“Parents are less likely to die from accidents, circulatory diseases, cancer, and external causes — thus I suggest a behavioral difference,” Agerbo says. “Our study was not large enough to say whether suicide was less common among parents, but the rate of accidents is higher among non-parents — perhaps I am more prone to buy a big motorcycle or a fast car than family-friendly slow van.”