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Tennis Player Mocks Serena Williams: Is This Racist?

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Most of us know that Serena Williams is far curvier than nearly any other woman on the tennis circuit.  Some envy her for this, and some make fun of her for it.  But we also know that many of her rivals envy Serena for being the best female tennis player in the planet.

During a match against Slovak tennis-pro Maria Sharapova, Caroline Wozniacki did something that didn’t seem to make any sense and might have even been considered a little bit racist.  Sorry, make that a lot racist, depending on how you look at it.  Caroline filled up her bust and skirt to make her “assets” look far bigger than they actually are.

The audience thought the joke was hilarious.  But we are wondering if this demonstration is a reminder of the days when black people were ridiculed by white audiences for having bigger lips, hips and everything else.   Is this  physical version of appearing in black face or are we taking things too seriously?
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