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Tamar Braxton Says Beyonce Was Never Pregnant

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Maybe she will get in trouble for this one, but she doesn’t seem to care.  Tamar Braxton went onto Tiny’s new talk show on BET and said that she doesn’t believe that Beyonce was ever pregnant. She says that she thinks the baby bump was fake all along and that she was fooling the world with her false pregnancy.

She isn’t basing this on any inside information.  Instead, she is basing it on the video that everybody saw that made millions of people wonder if she was ever really pregnant.

“I dont think she was pregnant. The deflated stomach thing. I watched the video and I don’t know. She sat down and she looked up like “OH SHI*!!”


Tiny wasn’t hearing the nonsense, saying that she touched Beyonce’s stomach and felt what she described to be a “hard ball.”  She said that the special touch on Blue Ivy occurred during a concert they both attended.  She believes it’s real:

“I touched her belly. I was at the Jay Z and Kanye show and greeted her. I gave her a hug and she did have a belly there. I wasn’t even thinking about the whole fake baby bump thing. I felt a hard ball there.”

For the record, we do believe that Beyonce really was pregnant and that it doesn’t matter anymore. Tamar, get a life.