T-Boz and Chili Don’t See Eye-to-Eye on the New Reality Show

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What would reality TV be were it not for the drama?   The new TLC show (yes, it’s really on that network), “Totally T-Boz” is no different, since T-Boz and Chili both have different visions for what the future should hold for each of them.  T-Boz wants to do solo projects, while Chili wants to work together as a group.   The last time the two got together as a group wasn’t pretty, since both of them appeared to show the signs of aging and fatigue.

T-Boz has been through a lot since she and her friends founded the group TLC in the early 1990s.   One of their group members, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, died in a car crash in 2002.  Then, T-Boz went through an ugly divorce from the rapper Mac 10.   She has also dealt with sickle cell anemia and even had a brain tumor that left her unable to speak for a significant period of time.  Some of us go through more than others, but T-Boz has kept on going in spite of the hurdles.

The group also declared bankruptcy shortly after releasing a pile of hit records. Their claim is that their manager was taking most of the money, which is not unfathomable for anyone who knows how corrupt the music industry can be.

The show’s debut is January 1 at 8 pm EST.