Stylist Top Winter Accessories

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378383_2406947856967_119836195_niStyle by Pamela’s Top 5 Winter Accessories that can keep your ensemble on point for the season. So to ignite the inner fashionista here are a few of the hottest winter accessories.  As always be selective with the trends you opt to incorporate into your wardrobe. Every trend is not for everyone.

1) Scarves, hats, and gloves. The traditional matching sets are out! Instead opt for a more stylish look of lightweight lambskin leather gloves or in colder climates bulky finger-less gloves. Scarves this year seem to be a bit liberal than years past in terms of size and pattern with large, soft knits dominating, but the double loop style persists. Hats are all the rage but beanies are out, having been replaced by a growing culture of retro haberdashery that includes everything from cloches to fedoras. Men please remove your hat indoors.




$3112)  Tights. Modern California causal dictates skipping the nylons, hose, and tights throughout the year in favor of waxed legs and open-toed pumps, but the cooler climates I say “let there be tights!” We love patterns and opaque tights with ankle or knee boots. A favorite of celebs on the go seems to be opaque, black tights, definitely a winter must have.



3)  Boots. No matter where you live, winter is boot weather, and celebrities embrace this trend with aplomb. Boots can be worn anywhere from over-the-knee styles or low enough to graze the bottom of their ankles.

380694974720938625_vTMfVwcZ_cAlso popular are western or cowboy boots as we call them in the south. Fur is huge, as well, but in small doses around the top of the boot, the tongue, or even lining the straps.



4) Capes. There seems to be a mass exodus from form-fitting trenches and traditional pea coats, opting instead for swirling capes and capelets. The cape trend is spreading wildfire. With options ranging from sophisticated blacks, grays, jewel tones and even faux, you’re bound to see plenty of capes gracing the pages of celebrity publications this winter. Personally, I am a cape lover!











5) Sunglasses/shades. Celebs trying to dodge the paparazzi have long relied on their sunglasses to hide away, so the designer frames are a must for many stars and us non- celebs alike. So if you want to mimic the winter ensembles of your favorite stars, simply throw on a cape, don a floppy hat, and hide behind your shades.