Rihanna and Karrueche Going Toe to Toe to Win Chris Brown

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Here is the latest in the Chris Brown saga of love. It seems that Karrueche, Chris’s ex- girlfriend, has made her way to Paris for her man. Wait, he’s not with Rihanna? From the tons of pictures all over the internet lately, you would think they were rekindling their relationship. Karrueche, is in Paris to allegedly help Chris with his styling and promote her new clothing line called “ The Kill” . This apparently did not sit well with Rihanna, who tweeted a lot of indirect messages about her lover.

Here are some of RiRi’s random tweets:

“Don’t slip, Don’t slip… Cuz a n—a might push up on it” and “U give, then u get, then u give it the f-ck back” accompanied by a photo that said “Examine What You Tolerate.” “Damn……. I miss my n—a #thuglife #bfflife.”

Then RiRi went on a photo spree of sorts with one of the pics being of herself totally nude, with a furry hat. It appears that Chris does not care about Rihanna’s feelings, as he posted photos of himself with models, wearing Kill gear, to his Instagram.

Karrueche’s response to all of this? She tweeted “Doesn’t lying get tiring after a while?”

The real question here is who is the bigger fool, Rihanna or Karrueche, as they are both being mentally raped by Chris Brown, who is having his cake and eating it too.It is very clear that, Rihanna is not yet at a place where she can handle a friendship with the one who beat her to a bloody pulp. And why would she want one? It is clear that she is reaching out for attention and seeking the comfort of Chris Brown. But all of her behavior is pointing to something bigger than Chris . There is something deeper here.

In regard to Chris Brown, he says that he is still trying to figure out love. Has he been truthful to both ladies about his confusion or is he just riding it out to see who he really wants to be with? Understand that Chris is in his twenties. Does someone in his twenties really know what they want?

Even in Rihanna’s case ,can she possibly know what she wants right now? Has she even begun to heal from the horror she faced at the hands of Chris Brown? All of her actions, from that very fateful day are pointing to a very emotionally disturbed young lady, who is hiding behind her outfits and music, simply numbing what she is not ready to face. This is a very unhealthy situation for all parties involved.





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