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Real Talk: Does Lindsay Lohan Get the White Girl Treatment on Her Arrests?

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Actress Lindsay Lohan is a walking train wreck and probably one of the saddest cases that we’ve seen in Hollywood as of late.   Lohan is incredibly talented, and she used to be beautiful.  But she looks older and more fatigued with each passing day, with most of the world wondering when they are going to hear that she has succumbed to the worst.

But there is another side to the Lohan saga that is race-related.  It seems that even though Lindsay endures one arrest after another, most of these arrests end up as nothing more than slaps on the wrist.  At the same time, black people are getting years in prison for even the most minor offenses.  Is that racism?

Writing for, Tamika Mallory asks why it just happens to be the case that Lindsay always walks away with another chance to screw up, while the rest of us would be rotting in jail.  Says Mallory:

It feels like every time I turn on the TV these days, there goes another story about Lindsay Lohan(pictured below) getting arrested. Clearly, the young lady needs help, but rarely does she receive more than a slap on the wrist for whatever she’s accused of. Before people start calling me a Lohan-hater, let me say that I have absolutely nothing against her. Truth be told, I feel for her. What I am troubled by is the fact that she and other White celebrities seem to get special treatment in the criminal justice system and in so many other arenas.

Mallory then makes a compelling comparison of the Lohan saga to the experience of many rappers, who get thrown in jail for nearly anything.

If a rapper (pick any), so much as jaywalks, he/she gets the book thrown at them — this goes for any and every kind of celebrity of color. How many times do we see them arrested, charged, or serving time for many of the things that we’ve already watched Lohan and others get a free pass on? And they have the nerve to say WE are the ones holding on to race. But every corner we turn, there’s a privilege being thrown in our face.

Mallory also says that there is another double standard with Lohan.  While entertainers like Rihanna are often criticized for abandoning their obligation to be roles models for young women, people like Lohan are let off the hook.  If she does something stupid with her boyfriend, no one seems to care.   She also seems to feel that women like Lohan are allowed to get away with things that black celebrities could never do, especially after so many screw ups.

We often discuss Rihanna‘s ratchetness and her impact on impressionable young girls. But why do we never speak about Lohan’s behavior and her responsibility to serve as a positive role model? Despite everything she has done, it seems as though folks in Hollywood glamorize her. “Liz and Dick” is the latest example of Lohan’s continued celebrity, which could be found on buses and billboards everywhere. Ironically, Lohan plays Elizabeth Taylor who had severe addiction issues. Is this supposed to be some form of reverse therapy?