Rapper with Show about His 10 Babies’ Mamas: Is This Offensive to Black People?

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins

We know about the stereotype that has come to define the black family for too many people:  the man who wants all the women, but none of the responsibility.  At least he doesn’t desire to make a commitment.  The women put up with men roaming from house-to-house all day and night, and fail to hold themselves accountable for the conditions in which their children are being brought into the world.  Some of them might even throw good daddies out of their childrens’ lives, making their kids the victims of their own short-sightedness.

Then, the consequences start pouring in:  Kids continue the cycles started by their parents, largely because their parents had too many kids and too few resources to do a good job of teaching and loving them. The fathers are running from the child support courts, which threaten to send them to jail for not being able to pay money they don’t have for responsibilities that they may have never accepted in the first place.  Then, there are the public health consequences of all that unprotected love-making.  Its just a hot mess.

Oxygen Networks has gotten together with the rapper Shawty Lo to create a new reality show called “All My Babies’ Mamas,” which seems to be a celebration of this lifestyle, these choices and this behavior. Some think that it’s “uppity” to criticize the show or somehow imply that these families are not as loving as the rest.  Others think that it’s a reality check to remind all of us of the consequences of making such poor decisions.

Tiara Williams, a woman who knows Hollywood all too well, has a lot to say on the matter.  She has experience in the reality TV industry and provides helpful insights in the video below:

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