Pilar Sanders: ‘I’ve been building up Deion Sanders’

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Pilar Sanders sat down with Cherry On Top to give her side of the story regarding her divorce from Deion Sanders.


Pilar Sanders has been portrayed as a nasty, snarling woman who simply married rich to maintain a certain lifestyle. She and football legend Deion Sanders’ crumbling relationship has been plastered all over the computer and television screens for everyone to see. They’ve accused one another of abuse, Pilar claims Deion didn’t pay child support and that he forged her signature on a bogus prenup agreement.

Snippets from the interview are below:

On whether or not he abused her:

Most recently, every picture on the web would show that my arm was broken and he busted my thumb in attempts to knock me out, kill me, yeah. And maybe, perhaps, people will believe it more so now, that, unfortunately they were seeing this season. The very drastic increase of athletes, football players who snap, and unfortunately, take their lives and other people’s lives with them. It’s not that far off, it’s not uncommon among athletes. It’s very, very, very not uncommon when you speak with other NFL
wives, football wives, athletes’ wives.

On someone forging her signature on the prenup:

…In cases where you have people who operate with power and money, and who are used to getting what they want, however they want, and it will be done however they want it to be done, if you don’t take the steps to initial, I guess they’re just going to do it for you, and that’s what happened in my case, without my knowledge.

On building the Deion Sanders brand:

Exactly, and he became who he is not by his own merit, he became who he is by the grace of God and by the grace of God putting me with him because let me tell you sweetheart, out of the 14 years that mama’s been home, I haven’t been sitting around eating bon bons, I’ve been building our family brand. I’ve been building up Deion Sanders because why not? He’s my husband. You’re the brand we can market the most and market right now. So once you think you got your feet down and your ears dry, you want to go act a fool. Okay, go ahead, but you know, you’ve got to answer to somebody.

Read the whole interview here.

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