Maria Lloyd: Black Celebs Take a Stand for Sandy Hook, Not Chicago

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Beyonce' joins forces with other Hollywood stars to shoot a PSA in response to the Sandy Hook shooting.


Beyoncé, Jamie Foxx, John Legend, Chris Rock, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul jumped on a new PSA for an organization named Demand a Plan for Gun Violence in response to the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The short PSA opens with the celebrities naming the mass shootings that have occurred throughout the nation and asking “How many more?”

It’s incredibly sad that these African American celebrities didn’t ask that same question during Father Michael Pfleger’s 2011 vigil remembering the lives of 260 children who have died to gun violence in Chicago over the past three years. In fact, the day of the tragic mass shooting in Newtown, Chicago saw 10 deaths on Friday and Saturday alone. A large number of the victims in those shootings were teenagers and young African American men in their 20’s. As I’ve written before, gun homicide was the leading cause of death among black teens (ages 15-19)  in 2009. Where were the star-studded public service announcements when that alarming statistic was released?

I guess it’s hard to stand up for black-on-black gun violence when your husband raps lyrics like this:

When the gun is tucked, untucked, n*gga you dies
Like nunchuks held by the Jet L-I
I’m the one, thus meanin no one must try
No two, no three, no four, know why?
Because one’s four-five might blow yo’ high
You ain’t gotta go to church to get to know yo’ God
It’s a match made in heaven when I {*blaow*} ‘splay the 7
Put you on the n*gga news, UPN at 11
Where you been, you ain’t heard, got the word that I’m
[Two silencer shots] that I’m so sin-surr?
I’m especially Joe Pesci wit it, friend
I will kill you, commit suicide, and kill you againSource

Jay-Z “Threat”

Apparently it doesn’t matter that those lyrics emulate the very thing that causes children to fear getting shot while playing at the park or while selling lemonade outside their home. All of the African American celebrities in the “Demand a Plan” PSA have massive fans in the Black Community, but they do not appear to be fans of the Black Community. While we foolishly continue to “Watch the Throne,” black children in Chicago and other urban communities across the nation continue to die at the hands of gun violence.

How many more deaths of brown babies will it take for African American celebrities to care?