The Woman Whose Boyfriend Killed Her After She Confessed to Having HIV

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Police are saying that a woman was stabbed to death after she admitted that she had HIV.  Cicely Bolden had sex with Larry Dunn, and Dunn says that the woman didn’t tell him that she was HIV-positive until after the two had intercourse.  That’s what allegedly led to his decision to stab the woman until she was dead and leave her on the bed.

Dunn is being held on 500,000 bail in the Dallas County Jail.

The woman was found by her two children, who are 7 and 8 years old.

“The kids was crying and I ran in there to see what’s going on. I seen her laying on the side of the bed,” said Latoya Arnett, Bolden’s neighbor.  “It’s like, every time I close my eyes I see her,” said Arnett.

Police say that the killing happened somewhat casually and directly.  Bolden confessed to being HIV positive after the two had sex, which led the man to go into the kitchen, grab a knife and stab her.

Dunn simply told police “she killed me, so I killed her.”

“How did he know he had it? How did he know?” asked Arnett.

“In this case, the person was killed because of their real or perceived, and we don’t know, HIV status. This is a classic panic defense. Why wasn’t the guy taking his own precautions? He could have been wearing a condom,” said Rafael McDonnell, Resource Center Dallas Communications and Advocacy Manager.

Texas is one of the few states that doesn’t require those who are HIV-infected to notify their partners of the infection. Also, if you test positive, you are only required to notify former partners, but not future ones.  Texas also does not send you to jail for infecting someone with HIV.  However, some judges are starting to make exceptions.

“However, we have seen cases, very recently in fact, where someone who is HIV positive has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon because of their HIV status,” said McDonnell

In 2009, Pillippe Padieu was convicted of six counts of aggravated assault after infecting six women with HIV.  This case is similar to that of Craig Lamar Davis, a married pastor in Atlanta Georgia who was arrested for sleeping with women without telling them that he is HIV positive.  Davis’ accuser, Ronita McAfee, wrote an open letter to the public describing her experience with Davis and warning others to be careful about sleeping around in an era of high STD infections.

STD infections are on the rise throughout the United States and especially the African American community.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends practicing safe sex and also limiting the number of partners.  Many diseases, such as genital herpes, can be passed via oral interaction of all kinds, even kissing.  The rise in the STD rate is likely to continue.