Marvin Gaye’s Son Tells Lenny Kravitz that He should Not Play His Dad

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Lenny Kravitz is facing opposition from Marvin Gaye’s son regarding him playing the late crooner.  Marvin Gaye III is not necessarily opposed to Kravitz portraying his father, but is opposed to the content of the biopic. The film, loosely titled, Sexual Healing, focuses on Gaye’s life during the 80s. That was a period in his life of heavy substance abuse and severe depression. It is also the decade that was marked with his untimely death at the hands of his father in 1984.

It seems as if the younger Gaye is asking his childhood friend to stand in solidarity with the family and not do the film because it only depicts one period of his father’s life (which was his lowest point) and not the achievements and successes. Marvin Gaye III told TMZ  “The producers and directors of this film are very wrong and shameful … [They’re] trying to do a film about a low period in his life. They don’t even know the whole story.”

The Gaye family plans to meet with lawyers to implement a “cease and desist” of the film. Gaye wants to gain understanding and ask Kravitz’s why he would chose to play the role, given the content of the film. The Karvitz’s camp has not commented.





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