Kardashian Syndrome Is Damaging Kanye West’s Career

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kim+kardashiana+and+kanye+westSources are reporting that Kanye West’s career and image have been severely hindered as a result of his relationship with Kim Kardashian. With extensive appearances on “ Keeping Up With The Kardashians” , Kanye’s image is quickly becoming watered down . There are not too many people checking for him these days. He has become a walking advertisement for anything branded Kardashian.

An industry source says ,“His personal life is overpowering his music.” “Every time he plays, people are wondering if Kim is going to be there. It’s not a good thing for him, especially if he wants to be taken seriously.”

It is alleged that Kanye has turned down New Year’s Eve events in both Las Vegas and Miami as a result of being with Kim. His concert sales have been lackluster. The source is reporting that at the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert, people took an indefinite intermission, during his performance.  His sales for his upcoming concert, in Atlantic City has yet to make a dent.

To combat the haters naysayers, Kanye is working with top-level executives on ideas to revive his fading career.

Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City.

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