Just ‘Ignant’: Evelyn Says She’s Might Give Chad a Second Chance

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Chad Ochocinco has been speaking to his ex-wife Evelyn more and more on Twitter lately, which seems strange since most of us don’t try to have our conversations in public.  But the rcently communicated on Evelyn’s birthday and both admitted that they missed each other.  So, like two crackheads in the night, Chad and Evelyn are missing the warmth of each other’s presence and the time they spent together in the bedroom.

Evelyn is now really talking crazy, saying that she’s thinking about getting back together with Chad.  That would be nuts, since most domestic violence victims (alleged) don’t go running back to the person they claimed to fear just a few weeks earlier. But Evelyn likes to fight, so a lot of people are wondering just how much attacking she did before the infamous head butt she allegedly received from her hubby.  Here is what Evelyn said to Rumorfix:

“I have family and friends that have been very, very supportive. I took about a month, month and a half … I just went away for a while and had to regroup and refocus. I feel like I got another chance at life, I know that may sound crazy but that’s how I feel. I’m just like, ‘Ok, we need to keep going, I’m not gonna let any of that tear me down.’ I have good people around me so it’s been OK.”

Evelyn also said that she’s thinking about giving Chad another chance.  This was after Chad went onto ESPN stating that he deserved another opportunity with his long, lost wifey:

“I do believe in second chances. I actually had someone ask me that recently, and I do. I’m not bitter, things happen and yeah, I do believe in second chances. I would want somebody to give me a second chances, and you never know.”

The bad news is that this sad relationship is probably going to blow up in violence again.  The good news is that they can probably sell it as a reality TV show and make millions of dollars.  Maybe it’s not such a bad business move after all.