High School Senior Asks Gabby Douglas to be His Prom Date

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When Barbara Walters asked Gabby Douglas if she'd like to be invited to someone's prom, the Olympic Gold medalist replied "That Would Be Nice." High School Senior, Leon Purvis, created a YouTube video asking Gabby Douglas to be his prom date next year.


Olympic gold medalist, Gabby Douglas, has warmed the hearts of people across the world. From her record-breaking performance at the 2012 Olympics, to her courageous address to her “hair haters,” she has truly proven herself to be a unique young lady.

When she appeared on ABC’s “10 Most Fascinating People 2012,” she exuded the typical coy and elegance of a young teenaged girl when Barbara Walters asked her “Would you like someone to ask you to his prom?” Gabby replied: “That would be nice.” She didn’t know her four-word response would send 17-year-old  high school senior, Leon Purvis on an eager quest to get her to be his prom date. After making a YouTube video asking her to accompany him, he reached out to media for a little help.

Leon, of Glassboro, NJ, believes Gabby is a genuine, down-to-earth girl and someone he could “connect with.” In a recent interview via email with the Your Black World Network, Leon described how their date would go from start to finish if the Olympic gold medalist accepts his invitation. The interview is below:

Seventeen Year Old Leon Purvis asks Gabby Douglas on a date

Leon Purvis

On why he chooses to ask Gabby Douglas to be his prom date over any other public figure: 

I want to take Gabby to my senior prom over any other public figure because she seems like a very genuine nice down to earth girl that I could connect with and get along with. She is my age so that is a plus. But what sparked my interest is watching her on Barbara Walters’ ABC special “10 Most Fascinating People 2012”. During the interview Barbara asked Gabby “Would you like someone to ask you to his prom?” Gabby responded to Barbara saying “That would be nice.” So I thought hey why not do it and ask her to senior prom.

On their day from start to finish if she accepts his invitation: 

If Gabby does accept my invitation first, I would be one happy senior boy going to prom with Olympic Gold Medalist Gabrielle Douglas which is a HUGE honor. I would probably talk to her about anything becuase I am a very sociable person. I would take her where ever she wants to go to eat because I am the type of person that just goes with the flow. There will be catered food provided at prom. The day of prom  would depend on how busy she is that day. If she and her family would like to hangout before promenade that would be great. I would do what ever she wanted to do. If she can’t then we would do what normal high school prom goers do. Gabby and her family would come to my house before promenade we would take pictures. Then meet up with friends to take group photos. Next go to Glassboro High School’s promenade so we can walk across the stage and she can show off her beautiful prom dress. Take a professional photo at the high school along with some friends. And finally go into the limo off to prom. When prom is over Glassboro High School has something called project after-prom so if she wants to attend that with me she can. 

On what he’d say to Gabby right now:

What I would like to tell Gabby right now is first congratulations on your two olympic gold medals and her new book “Grace Gold and Glory.” It would be an honor if you said yes to me be my date to my senior prom. It would mean a lot to me. Plus a beautiful and hard working girl like you deserves to get asked to a prom. If you would like to go to prom with me please let me know.

Watch Leon’s official invitation to Gabby on YouTube by clicking here


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