Have You Been Blessed by the “Layaway Angels”?

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Layaway Angels have already spent up to $100,000 on layaway items for complete strangers.


With all of the tragic shootings taking place every day, it’s a heartwarming feeling to know that there are still some very good samaritans in the world.  A few anonymous donors who have been named the “layaway angels” have been going from coast-to-coast paying off enormous layaway balances at various stores.

According to USA Today, the number of layaway angels has been growing. A woman out of Stratford, Wis., said she cried when a Wal-Mart employee notified her that the remaining $100 balance she owed for her children’s toys and DVDs had been paid. Since then, 73 Kmart stores have reported layaway angels spent more than $100,000 to pay off layaway balances — mostly on children’s gifts — according to director of public relations for Sears, Shannelle Armstrong-Fowler.

One car dealer owner in Anaheim, CA, paid down the entire amount of layaway balances in two Kmart stores, costing him $13,000 and paying off 131 accounts. “We’ve heard stories of people’s layaway balances paid off and now they’re able to pay off another major bill or get their car repaired,” said LaToya Evans, a spokeswoman for Walmart. An anonymous person in Tulsa, OK, donated $10,000 to pay off 52 layaway accounts, while another in Bellefontaine, OH, gave a $27,000 donation on Dec. 8 that paid off 200 accounts.

In October, Toys R Us announced that for each layaway balance paid off as an act of kindness, the company will donate $200 worth of toys — the approximate average value of a layaway order created at the store — to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, up to $1 million worth of toys.  A Toys R Us spokeswoman said the retailer has seen more than 600 layaway orders paid off by anonymous benefactors in stores since it started the program.