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Four Reasons Why Black Women Continue to be Obese

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1) Hair:  Have you ever heard a woman say that she can’t exercise because she doesn’t want to sweat out her hair?   Do you know that by not exercising, every toxic piece of grease, fat and red meat you consume simply marinates inside your body and rots you to the core?  I know that’s disgusting, but the point has to be made.

2) Culture:  Black men are notorious for saying that they like women with a little meat on their bones.  So, being five-foot five, 200 pounds can actually be a good thing for black women and a bad thing for everyone else.  Black women are as beautiful as they come and can carry the weight while still being attractive, but we can’t pretend that obesity is good.

3) The food we eat:  Grandm’s soul food is so good that it tastes better than candy.   But that same food also killed your great aunt last summer.  Maybe it’s time to consider something else.

4) We don’t want to talk about it:  Many black women don’t like being criticized.  There isn’t much more to say than that without sounding critical.