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Evelyn Reunites with Chad to Drop the Restraining Order

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No one knows if these are the first signs that Evelyn Lozada will be the second prominent celebrity to walk back into an allegedly abusive relationship, but it’s certainly interesting.  TMZ is reporting that Chad Ochocinco (or Johnson, whatever his name is right now) met up with his ex-wife in court to get his restraining order dropped.

The two popped up in Florida to make it happen, erasing the order put in place after Evelyn alleged that Chad head butted her during an argument just a few weeks after the two walked down the aisle together.  This led Evelyn to file for divorce from Chad, ending their month-long marriage.   They probably should have just saved their money and dated.

Chad has been apologizing for what happened since the incident took place.  Evelyn is known for being the biggest bully in all of television, so some are wondering what her role might have been in the big fight.   Chad says that he’s getting help for his anger management problem, but for some reason, no one thinks Evelyn has a problem with anger herself.

Evelyn told the judge that she is not afraid of Chad, which appears to be in contradiction to what she was saying just a month or so ago.  So, was this ever real from the beginning?  The world may never know.