Erika Morant: Who Killed Chivalry?

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by Erika Morant

While I will profess to be an independent woman six out of seven days of the week, I still appreciate the moment of a man holding the door for me or pulling out a chair at the dining table. One may determine this to be a rare occurrence in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. It was just the other day when I watched a business man armed with his suitcase nearly trample a woman in a rush to beat the closing Metro train doors. After witnessing that occurrence, it made me question, “Where is chivalry?”  “Is it dead?” “If chivalry is dead, who shot ‘em?”

If there is a ransom out for chivalry, who will post the highest bounty? I think I just may. I must admit in order for chivalry to surface, I must first disarm myself with my sword of independence, and open myself up to polite gestures offered by the well-mannered males whom I encounter from time to time. Furthermore, I must also require the males I date to be chivalrous. I will not rush to open the door for myself but, I will instead, step aside with the expectation that my date will kindly open and or hold the door for me.  And yes, it also means that during the mad dash of rush hour, I will take my stance and board the train first. Furthermore, I will respond accordingly to those who dare challenge my right to chivalry.

We as women must appropriately define chivalry, so that we can appropriately embrace it.  I strongly implore you to dig a little deeper for a profound definition if you happen to confuse chivalry for the man who honks the horn versus ringing your door bell.  Did you kill chivalry?

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