Erika Morant: Something Borrowed or Something Blue?

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 “Why would a bride spend thousands of dollars on a dress she would only wear for a couple of hours, on one day of life?”, one may ask. Well some brides or bride-to-be hopefuls (me) have dreamt of their big day since they were little girls- many times executing the picture-perfect day vicariously through the lives of their Barbie dolls (or maybe that was only me).

While the dress could make or break the day for a bride, some brides have become creative in their quests, relentless even.  Former Bad Girl’s Club star, Natalie Nunn, during a recent episode of Bridezillas, employed both business savvy and what some may refer to as pure genius in the pursuit of her dream dress.  Nunn attempted to leverage her celebrity in a deal with a local wedding atelier. Nunn proposed wearing their design for her wedding in exchange for free publicity. Although, unsuccessful with her negotiations, her logic led me to think of other ways that a bride could save on her wedding day attire.

Here are a few of my suggestions:

–          Consider Consignment– If you are willing to give second-hand a first chance- check out Recycled Bridal. Who said that you could share your dream dress?


–          It’s Not Always a Bridesmaid-If you are not afraid of a little color or a non-traditional silhouette, consider wearing a bridesmaid’s dress. My mom, who recently wed in October 2012, opted for a lavender (her favorite hue) chiffon halter dress over the classic white or ivory designs.  She looked stunning!


–          Don’t Overlook Retail – While David’s Bridal is always a great option, I also suggest checking out both J. Crew’s and Target’s bridal dress selections. Each of the three retailers provides brides with cost- effective, yet trendy options.


–          Take a Walk Down Memory Lane– Consider borrowing a dress previously worn by a relative or a close friend. Be sure that the individual from whom you are borrowing is okay with possible alterations.


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