Erika Morant: Manners, Do your Children Have Them?

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by Erika Morant

After announcing that we ran out of biscuits to nine children ( all under the age of 8- may I add), during this year’s Thanksgiving Dinner, I watched four of them immediately transform into vultures, pushing, grabbing and preying on the plates of the children that were fortunate enough to receive the homemade treasures.  This experience led me to think about the ill-mannered nature of many of today’s youth.

While I am not yet a parent and certainly not Ms. Emily Post, I do believe that it is critical to rear a child with a basic set of manners—equip he or she with social decorum that will help to guard you against public embarrassment. I am not just talking about the standard “please” and “thank you” but I am referring to the no elbows on the table, a little boy removing his hat when entering a building and the concept of not attempting to butter a whole roll with the intention to devour it before anyone else is served.

I am sure you have witnessed one of, if not all of the following social offenses committed by children:

–          He or she racing a senior citizen to the door with no intention of holding it.

–          Slurping and burping at the dinner table.

–          Confusing his or her “outside” voice with his or her “inside” voice, when inside.

–          Releasing the stanchions in the line at the bank.

If you are embarrassed by your child’s lack of manners and decorum, I suggest that you consult the following resources to help enhance his or her social grace:

–          Emily Post’s The Guide to Good Manners for Kids by Cindy Post Senning and Peggy Post.

–          Miss Manners’ Guide to Rearing Perfect Children by Judith Martin.

–          The American School of Protocol

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