Erika Morant: 7 Dos and Don’t When You Go to Church

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For those who regularly attend church or any formal religious service, how often do you think ‘I wish I could enjoy this service but the sister in front of me is obstructing my view with her ornately crafted hat.’? If you are anything like me, this is only one of the many thoughts of how some church goers could be totally oblivious to their ill-manner nature.

If church service promptly starts at 11:00AM, I would encourage you to resist the urge to start looking for parking at 10:45AM… you won’t get it because you’re late.  You’re on the way to the Lord’s house, not your mom’s house; your tardiness is obnoxious to your fellow church members. The incessant “pardons” and “excuse me’s” as you trail down the pew, all because you decided to spend an extra 15-minutes looking for the perfect purse to match your perfect shoes.  News flash!  In God’s eyes we’re all imperfectly perfect, and if the members at your church are going to service for the right reasons, they should not care if your accessories match your outfit.  There are many other things I witness during church service that really amaze me; as a result I have compiled my list of don’ts below:


7 Church Service Don’ts: (You may laugh, but I have seen it)

–          If you are more than 10 minutes late to church, do not attempt to sit in the front—save yourself the embarrassment and head for the overflow.

–          Please do not attempt to save a seat for your imaginary friend or the Holy Ghost with your coat or purse because you’re too good to have someone sit next to you.

–          If you must wear that vertically obnoxious hat, sit all the way in the back, I mean in the usher’s row. Don’t worry everyone will see your hat at the end of the service.

–          Do not attempt to double park in anticipation of someone leaving a space after the conclusion of the previous service.

–          Please refrain from texting during church service, you should instead, pray for better priorities.

–          Do not attempt to wear heels that hurt your feet, because your hobbling will impede the egress following the Benediction.

–          Do not attempt to make change out of the collection plate, if God intended for you to give little he would have blessed you with smaller denominations.

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