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Does Beyonce Really Talk Like a Fifth Grader as Wendy Williams Says?

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This week, Wendy Williams reclaimed her shock jock diva role by going after Beyonce Knowles, stating that she was so inarticulate that she appeared to have just a fifth grade education.  Some were angry at Wendy, saying that her comment was tasteless and tacky.  But others were saying that maybe she has a point.

Let’s consider some of the evidence in the open letter that Beyonce wrote to first Lady Michelle Obama.  Do you see any grammatical errors?  We can start with the sentence saying, “Michelle Obama is the ultimate example of a truly strong African American women.”

There are a few other issues in the letter, but nothing horribly embarrassing.  But then again, the letter isn’t going to win any literary awards for either its depth or exposition.  You be the judge. The letter is below.  So, the question for the day is, “Is Beyonce smarter than a fifth grader?”