Dead in 2013- Trends That Need GO!

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R_I_P_gravestoneSo in the name of turning over a new leaf, starting fresh, not looking back and all that, there are a few trends that need to stay in the year of the Mayan apocalypse. Before you crack open the bubbly and Google the lyrics to “Auld Lang Syne,” take a second to help eulogize a few trends we’ll hope to be putting to rest in 2013.

Here are iStyle’s pick for Dead in 2013:

Half-shaved heads– as trendy as they have become. I am done with the half shaved head. I say commit and shave the whole head if you are really brave!


shaved-head-lala-vasquezPastel and weird colored hair– this trend proves everyone can’t wear everything! Please stop our eyes are burning.


Wedge or high heel sneakers- In what universe was this ever a good thing?


Neon- Let’s be honest here, some of you went way too far with this trend!!!

images tumblr_m7bjecP4121qk17h2o1_500

Flatforms– This was a hot mess from the start! Anything that begins with the word “flat” can’t be good.

editd-bread-butter-ss13-flatforms-by-mora-mora Street-Style-from-Fashionologie-via-EDITD

Let’s start 2013 anew by burying these trends. Remember change can be good but every new trend is not necessarily for you.

iStyle by Pamela

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