Best-Dressed Stars Of 2012

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The chic always rise to the top, which made pulling together the list of this year’s best-dressed stars a cinch.

 Solange Knowles mesmerized us with her bold ensembles and awesome au naturale locks; Rihanna‘s enviable body was only rivaled by the stunning clothes she covered herself in; Beyonce is always a vision and Kerry Washington was nearly flawless each time she stepped out. And that’s just a few of our top picks.

While those ladies are best-dressed shoo-ins, there were a few wilds cards that earned top sartorial honors like fashion stylist June Ambrose and fashion designer Rachel Roy may spend their time making others look amazing, but they didn’t skimp on themselves–these two ladies also made the list. Sidebar—June Ambrose is my style/fashion idol….I LOVE HER!

Also making the list:

Octavia Spencer

Alicia Keys

Viola Davis

Michelle Obama

June Ambrose

Rachel Roy

Allyson Felix

Halley Berry

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  1. Edward

    December 29, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    Nice dresses, but are you telling me that none of these women can afford JEWELRY?> Or the JEWELRY COMPANIES, DO NOT TRUST BLACK WOMEN WITH THEIR JEWELRY?.It’s either that or black folks cant afford jewelry, so they do not advertise blacks.

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