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Alicia Keys Says She Might Shave Her Head

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Alicia Keys has a new look to go with her new album.  Her hair is shorter, and she’s as beautiful as ever.  She normally has long hair, and has people asking questions about her ever evolving style.  Keys is shocking her fans by stating that she is considering a decision to cut her hair even shorter.

According to the Associated Press, Keys said that she is thinking about shaving her head.  ”I’m thinking about something like that. I’m telling you. I’m going there. I’m doing it.”

We don’t know if she’s serious or not, but we’re sure that move would lead to some serious headlines.   Alicia also spoke to the issue in People Magazine:  “I put out a song called ‘New Day’ on my album and I was just like, ‘You know what? It’s a new day and I’m cutting this thing off,’” she said.

Should Alicia make the super chop?  Maybe short hair is enough, at least for now.